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Release Date: 05/25/18

Chevy Bolt in Short Supply
The Chevy Bolt has been a big hit for General Motors and demand seems to have caught the automaker somewhat by surprise as it further gears up production.  In a sign of just how popular, GM dealers in Canada are quoting 8-12 months waiting times for the 238-mile range EV. Green Car Reports ("Shoppers in Canada may wait nearly a year to buy new Chevy Bolt EV".)
Automakers React to the EPA
As we have discussed before, automakers have been less than thrilled with the EPA’s decision to roll back emission standards fearing a fragmented market with different standards state-to-state. The consulting firm, ICF, meanwhile believes that: “the [Environmental Protection] Agency’s about-face is not likely to have an appreciable impact on the long-term transformation that is already underway…”.  Driven by large car buying states such as California and by China’s desire to be the Detroit of the EV market, the “[c]at is out of the bag on Electrification.”  Green Tech Media ("Can the Electric Vehicle Push Defy a CAFE Standards Rollback?")  In a related story, the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy at the University of Tennessee came out with an interesting analysis that the EPA’s fuel efficiency standards have saved Americans an estimated $3.8 trillion dollars in petrol costs since they were first launched by President Ford in 1975.NY Times ("Trump’s Fuel Efficiency Rollbacks Will Hurt Drivers".)
New EV’s From Audi
Another announcement of ambitious launch plans for electric cars, Audi plans to launch 20 electric cars by 2025, investing $47.6 billion.  On a similar time-frame to the Jaguar I-Pace’s August launch, Audi’s first offering will be the e-tron SUV.  Sitting between the Q5 and the Q7, the e-tron is estimated to have a 300-mile range.  Audi also plans to launch a performance sedan and a compact car in 2020.  Audi estimates that it will sell 800,000 EV’s by 2025. Green Car Reports  ("Audi invests heavily in 20 electrified cars by 2025".)  While Tesla has had the EV market largely to itself, it is now going face the challenge from established automakers as they roll out cars competing across the range.
The Future of Fossil Fuels
In a story that should scare the fossil fuel market, Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyzed the combined impact of the falling costs of solar, wind and batteries: “…the economic case for building new coal and gas capacity is crumbling, as batteries start to encroach on the flexibility and peaking revenues enjoyed by fossil fuel plants.”Bloomberg New Energy Finance ("Tumbling Costs for Wind, Solar, Batteries Are Squeezing Fossil Fuels".)
As the transportation system moves from the internal combustion engine to EV’s, utility companies face a number of opportunities and challenges.  A recent Lawrence Berkeley National Labs study focused on two aspects—the ability to control How and when the car charges (V1G) and the ability for EV’s to provide power back into the grid (V2G).  In controlling when a car charges (V1G), utilities can avoid charging during peak periods and stabilize the load on the grid.  Focused on California, V1G could be worth $1.45-$1.75 billion and go a long way to meeting California’s Stationary Storage Mandate.  As automakers develop the ability of EV’s to also provide power to the grid (V2G), that could be worth a further $12.8-$15.4 billion to California.Electrek("Electric vehicle fleets could save billions with controllable load and vehicle-to-grid features".)
The Adoption of Electric Buses Accelerates
As a follow-on to a story we discussed in our last newsletter, Bloomberg New Energy Finance also estimates that the conversion to EV’s will be fastest in the public transport sector, predicting that 80% of all buses globally will be electric by 2040. Bloomberg New Energy Finance ("E-Buses to Surge Even Faster Than EVs as Conventional Vehicles Fade".)
Mercedes vision for the bus of the future:


The Royals Go Electric
I have been in London this week and, in the spirit of tying every bit of news no matter how tangential to the Royal wedding, the bride and groom left Windsor in a Jaguar E-type converted to electric.  Our intrepid photoshopper, David, managed to capture this shot of our charger gaining the royal seal of approval:


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